Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faux Painting 101

As promised here are the instructions for creating this look yourself. FYI: Your walls don't need to be in perfect condition for this technique, if there are a few dents and dings it will only enhance the aged look you're going for. However, I would spackle any holes and sand down. Also, start off with primed walls.... I can't express how important this is for any painting project. Nowadays they make primer/paint in one (which I have not used yet, surprisingly enough!) but I use Kilz interior water based primer.

Once your walls are primed, apply the base coat and let completely dry.... and if you're like me and want a perfect application, do 2 coats of your base color. I used Valspar interior satin in Pale Sunlight. It kinda looks like banana cream pie at first so don't be too alarmed! LOL!

Next I used Valspar Decorative Glaze in Taupe. Using an old brush dab just a small amount on the very tips (do not saturate your brush), then starting in small sections of the wall apply the glaze using an X pattern and criss/cross your brush over and over. Once you've done this allow the glaze to dry a bit and also wipe your brush dry then go over that section again working the glaze into the wall until it's almost dry. Then repeat this process, lightly overlapping on the edges where you ended the previous section. This will give you the veins and dimension for this look, but don't reapply completely over the previous section or it will totally change the appearance. Make sense?

Okay lastly, once you're done with the glazing process you can apply a polyurathane to protect the walls. I did not do this... I like the rustic look. But please note, if you leave them as is, you have to be careful when cleaning. Avoid scrubbing or harsh abrasives because they will remove the glaze and touchup can be a little tricky. I just use a damp sponge and lightly wipe down.

And to compliment the "old world" look in my living room, I painted each side of my fireplace with Behr interior satin in Mayan Red. Now as for the fireplace itself... I'd like to get rid of that completely... but that'll have to wait until another day! LOL! Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor and all the compliments you'll get from friends, family and neighbors!

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