Monday, February 14, 2011

Nifty Nurseries - Part 2 - Boys Rock!

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's part 2 of Carter's nursery. I am posting this today instead of actually working on any of my other projects right now because I was super... or stuper woman yesterday and pulled the muscles in my right shoulder doing a crap load of yard work. So I'm trying to rest up in order to paint some really cute mirrors I got at the thrift store for the next post.

Anyway, as I said in part 1, I wasn't just nesting, I was obsessing! At this stage of the game I was 8 months pregnant and on a ladder. I know, I know! My husband got after me and said it could wait, but I knew it couldn't. So onto some more painting.

In keeping with the bedding theme, I wanted to do something cute on the opposite wall of the crib where the squares are. So I grabbed a bunch of different sized circle objects and just started tracing them on the wall. Then using the coordinating paint colors I just randomly painted each one. Sounds easy right? Well it was, but having a beach ball for a belly made it a little more challenging... but here's how it turned out.

My sister-in-law thought they looked like stickers! And I had a few people ask if they were vinyl, but that would have cost too much. I call this look sophisticated whimsy.

I know that most nurseries should have bright colors and all, but I wanted this room to grow with him and be something he could transition into as a young man (I hope!). So to add some color I popped in some red accents here and there. I found this cute old bucket to hold supplies and some red star canisters and it kind of spinned off from there.

Coming up in the next Nifty Nursery series I'll show you a girls room I helped with for my brother and his wife. It is so cute!


  1. Love the modern look. You've done very well with your nesting/obsessing projects.