Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheap and Easy Storage Solutions

In this unfavorable economy, and with just about everyone and everything going green, I've been trying to do my part by being less wasteful, more resourceful and to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.  It's amazing how much we actually throw away if you think about it.  So I've been looking at things with a different eye.

Here are just a few ideas for re-purposing old junk and garbage into cheap and easy storage solutions.

1)  Turn an old shoe box into a photo storage box.  It's basically already set up for you and this box had a cute design on it.  I simply used some coordinating stickers and ribbon to cover up the the logos.  My small albums and misc. picture books fit perfectly in it.  I know, now I'm getting all crafty on you... don't mind my messy table!

2)  Don't throw away your greasy old muffin tins!  Just wash em up, give em a coat of spray paint and the possibilities are endless.  I used these to store my jewelry.  The compartments are the perfect size, plus they stack up nice and neat to fit in a small drawer.  You could also use these in an office desk, a workbench out in the garage, in a craft room... just use your imagination!

(sorry about this sideways photo!)

3)  Baby food jars are the ideal storage solution for items you need to see clearly and easily.  I use these for scrap booking odds and ends, buttons, kids' crafts, and to store leftover mixed painting glaze that I know I'll reuse and don't want to waste.

4)  So this one you get to have some fun in the process!  Use empty wine or liquor bottles as decorative vases.  Some have beautiful colors and designs so why throw them away?  You could also use a collection as a pretty display on a window sill or on a shelf. 

5)  Mint tins are great for just about any small items you need to organize.  I used this one for all the many bobby pins I had cluttering up my bathroom drawers.  Safety pins, paper clips, and business cards are just a few other bits and pieces that would fit in here.  I love this idea because the lids on these babies snap tightly and you get some fresh breath in the process!

So next time you go to toss something out, give it a second thought.  Come up with some unique ideas to re-purpose those savable objects.  I would love to hear any ways that you are reusing your things too.  Send me a message or leave a comment. 

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