Monday, April 25, 2011

Front Porch Perk Up

One of my favorite things is decorating on a budget.  Well I shouldn't say it's my favorite... cause if I had an unlimited budget I could decorate the heck out of this place and it would be awesome!  But I guess the fun part is the challenge.... to create a truly unique space without spending a fortune, or using what you already have.

I came across a really good motto this morning on another blog.... It said, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without".  I think those are some great words to live by right now!  So while I was trying to figure out how to finish up my front porch makeover, I took those words into consideration.

I've been jonsing to go shopping for quite some time now.  But with the hubs out of work (and I still haven't found a job yet), the budget just doesn't allow for it right now.  So I decided to just use what I have (even though I don't LOVE everything) and make do with it.

Here are the beginning stages of my porch.

This picture was from my Rustic Star makeover, at which time I decided that something needed to be done to the whiskey barrel. 

I also have this OLD bench that I stained a few years back... but its looking sad and outdated again.  I kind of got ahead of myself with the stain... you can see the very corner where I already started.  :)

And this very lonely corner... it needs a little perking up.

So I pulled out a bunch of stuff I had in my storage area.  Storage area meaning my little patio room crammed full of crap! 

Anyway, I stained the whiskey barrel and bench a dark brown, and then put up a few things from "storage".... and this is what I came up with.

I decided that the star just didn't really belong here after all... I think I'll use it out back somewhere.


So here's a confession... all of the plants are fake except for the ones in the whiskey barrel.  I know, I know.... it's definitely not like the real thing.... but the weather is still cold here (with the dreaded 4 letter S word in the forecast) and this way I don't have to remember to water them :)

I think the only thing missing is a little side table to set my cocktail on!  So I'll start rummaging through all my other crap and see what I come up with. 

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  1. It looks great Jennifer. I love your old whiskey barrell. I would have never guessed the plants were fake. The four letter s word-yuck!

  2. Well done! It looks a totally different porch! I love that barn star though and hope he is happy in his new home. :)

    I agree that is a great motto you found. I love bringing new life to old things.

  3. It's so pretty! I really need to pay some attention to my's still sporting the dead mums that I planted last fall. (sigh)

  4. looks so good! what a lovely porch. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  5. Nice work. It takes imagination, and you've got it! I applaud you for not being a "plant snob," and just going with the plastic stuff for now. Your porch looks great

    I think you take good photos, too. Thanks for sharing. I found you at Blue Cricket.

  6. hey girlfriend! Your porch looks amazing!
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  7. Looks Amazing!!!


  8. Love it! Now can you come over and do mine? It's a mess...

    Jeanna @

  9. You did an amazing job with creating the new look! LOVE it!

  10. Love your rustic did a great job! Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  11. Visiting from Debbie's. Your porch looks great - and the fake plants really don't look it - I think it's only when fakes are overly bright or obviously faded and years old that they look bad.

    Definitely look out for that cocktail table though!

    Lakota x

  12. Looks great! I love the whiskey barrels and the stain on this one looks fresh & pretty. I would never guess the plants are fake.

    Stop by when you can....I have a giveaway going right now!


  13. Love the way it looks! Great job!

  14. Hi! I saw your post over at Debbie's Newbie Party. I use "faux botanicals" too sometimes and I could not even tell that yours were. I am amazed at how restaining the barrel and the bench freshened them up so much. Love the motto you shared in your post too.

  15. Hope you get time to visit my post today about the Garden Gate. I think you will see that we like some of the same ideas for outdoor decor.
    I'm now following you. Hope you do the same.

  16. You did a great job! Your porch looks amazing. I have a confession too.....I'm using fake plants on my porch makeover as well.

    Have a wonderful day,

  17. Your porch looks great and so welcoming. I especially love that 3 tiered plant stand.

  18. that looks so good! i love that tiered plant stand and you'd never know they're all fakes. where can i get some real looking fakes?!

  19. Very nice put together. I love all the iron things, especially the one in the corner. Nice job. Found you on Debbie's and am a new follower.


  20. Your porch looks pretty and like a place I would like to sit and visit for a while ;-)

  21. Shouldn't told us about the fake plants. We would have never known. LOL!
    I love what you did with the porch. I sure would like to get into your crap room if this is what you found. We should all do some rummaging at home. I am a new follower. Ginger :)

  22. Jennifer - Your addded touches look perfect and ready for summer! I relly like the hanging planter on the wall - that is really cool. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this {sunday}. Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn