Friday, February 4, 2011

Addicted to Thrifting

As many of you out there, I am addicted to thrifting. Maybe it's the thrill of the hunt, finding that one of a kind piece, or scoring something awesome for almost nothing. Well I must say that it's definitely catching on. You can't go into a DI these days without a crowd of vultures waiting to pounce on the new carts as they roll out. Okay, so I'm totally guilty of doing that too... how do you think I get so many great finds! hahaha! But aside from thrift stores, there are ways to get great deals on new merchandise from those expensive home decor stores. I always shop the clearance racks. It is a rare day when I pay full price for anything. Mostly because I know I can get it for less. Even if it's something that I don't "need" at the time, if I like it and it's drastically marked down, I'll get it... cause I know I can always find a home for it someday. And it's a good idea to ask the department manager when they mark down their items so you can get the cream of the crop. Not only that, but it pays to ask for additional mark downs if an item is in less than perfect condition and isn't being sold as-is. Another great resource are the local classifieds. I've found some amazing deals (one of which will soon be featured) for way less than retail. Yes some of these are definitely projects waiting in the wings... but if you have to paint, stain or tweak an item or two, it then becomes your very own thrifty creation. Here are just a few samples of some of my recent finds. All of these came from the DI except the wooden globe lantern. I'm proud to say I got this for less than $5 at a local craft store. It was originally $40 marked down 60% off, but the glass piece was broken inside so I asked for another discount and she didn't hesitate. YES! I love those kinds of deals... I am addicted to thrifting!


  1. I'm addicted to thrifting too! Hard to pass up a good deal and love to find unique items that nobody else has. Nothing wrong with being frugal in this economy and with your talents you can makeover a room without spending a lot of money and it looks great!

  2. Way cool, dirt cheep. I live for antique shops. Colorado springs has some great ones. Lotsa love, Rix;)

  3. Oh my what I would do with an urn like that one in my garden. It would make an awesome water feature. Love the thrift shopping.