Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Projects, Projects and More Projects

Now that my shoulder is feeling a bit better it's time to get going on some projects! 

I found these little beauties the other day at Savers.  Nice orange right?! 

They were a little more than I wanted to pay at $7.99 a piece (I know I'm cheap!), but I love the design around the frame and the mirrors are in great condition, plus I knew I could do a fabulous glazing treatment and make them look really expensive!

First I spray painted them with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor in Almond Satin.  Luckily we've had some nice weather and it was actually warm enough to go outside and work on them.  I've had to put my spray painting projects on hold because I got in trouble for doing it in the basement and stinking up the entire house!  Sorry hubby! 

So anyway, here they are with the first coat of paint. 

And here's my cute son Carter... he just had to jump in the picture to say HI!

Now he's acting all rough and tough.... "I'm going to get you mom!"

So now I bet you're wondering what the next step is in this amazing transformation.  I'm actually working on that right now!  Well not exactly right now while I'm blogging... but the glaze is drying and I think they need one more coat of a different color.  So I'll get to work on that... and be sure to drop back in later to see the final result.... and some more cute pictures of my little bully! :)

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