Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best of March Results

Hey everyone!  I hope your weekend is starting off good.  Thank you so much for everyone that voted for my Chest Redo in the Best of March 2011.  It was just great to be a finalist!  The winner of Best of March is Kristen from Ink Blots and Polka Dots with her Drop Cloth Ruffle Pillow.  Congrats Kristen!  One thing that I really cannot do is sew.  I have tried and I am not the best!  So great job on the pillow!

Go to Saturday Mornings to check out the runners up list including the Cupcake Bathrobe

and Anthropology Inspired Bedding

See, 2 more great sewing projects!  It does take talent, so I think these ladies deserve the top spots!

I will have some non-sewing projects and fun spring planting ideas (thanks to my mom) coming up soon, along with some big news, and an even bigger project.  Remember my backyard photos from a while ago?  Well one area that you don't see is a great big patch of dirt and a large dirt hill with an archery target in front.  It's so gorgeous!  But we're in the beginning stages of making it even more gorgeous.  So if you like getting your hands dirty, you'll love it, so stay tuned for that.

Have a great weekend!

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