Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Musings

It's Just Another Manic Monday.... not my fun day!  Okay, that's an oldie but a goodie! hahaha!

Just a few more shout outs to give today.  I was featured on some super cool blogs for a couple of my recent projects.  Inside Out Design liked my DIY Decorative Books and posted them on her site.  She does MIY (Make It Yourself) projects on a budget.  Who doesn't love that?  Karen at Pocket Full of Pink also liked my cheap but cute books and showcased them as part of her Spring Favorites.  Super cute blog, stop by for a visit!  Carrie over at Dittle Dattle featured my Pier 1 Knockoff on her Amaze Me Monday party.  There are some great ideas over there, so be sure to check it out... and I'll see you there! 

Well still no project to report today.  Although there are a couple in the works.  I spent the weekend working out in the yard.  It's A LOT to take care of.  We kinda live on a farm.  Here's just a peek!

My little helper!!

7 raised garden beds just waiting for some yummy veggies!!!

This is Rizo the rooster.  Yep we have chickens!
Fresh eggs anyone?

A cute $2 chicken sign for the coop :)

A view from the back... this is only the west side of our yard.... there's more!

This is the most awesome grapevine trellis... just waiting to bloom!

And here is a cool piece I had to run and get this weekend.  It was FREE on my local classifieds.  SCORE!  I'm not even sure where I'll put it or how I'll paint it (suggestions?), but you can't pass up a freebie. 

Anyway, I'll put away my yard shoes for a day or two and finish up a couple of my projects so I'll have some tutorials to show you during the week.  Happy Monday to ya!

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  1. You have chickens....I LOVE that you have chickens! I have 8 girls and I love them to death. Unfortunately we live in the city so I had to put my roo in foster care...but he's not far away so I can visit him any time! Your roo is a beautiful little guy. I have you on my 'inspiration list' on my blog...and I'm even more inspired now that I know you are a chicken lover too! :o)