Friday, April 29, 2011

2 For 1 Friday ~ Candle Lantern/Basket Planter

TGIF everyone!  Glad I'm able to get this post on here today even if it's a little late in the day.  Things didn't go according to plan when I started my project for 2 For 1 Friday.  I originally wanted to do a little side table for my Front Porch Perk Up.... but that didn't turn out even close to what I imagined in my head.  Don't ya just love days like that? 

Anyway, I brainstormed a few other possibilities and decided that this is a fun, cute springy idea that is super cheap and so easy anyone can do it and I'm sure you wouldn't even have to go and buy anything!  Just look around and raid your stash and you can totally throw this little project together.

Mine started off with a little basket I got at the thrift store for 50 cents. 

I cut the orange straps off with a razor knife cause they HAD to go!  Then I sprayed on a coat of primer, and used a green spray paint over that.  Once that dried I used some brown paint and dabbed some on in random places to create kind of a rust look on it. 

Then I put some decorative rocks in the bottom.  I have a bunch of these around my house, but they also sell them at the dollar store if you want some on the cheap.

Anyway, easy easy, that's why there's no pics of that process.  ANYONE can spray paint right!?

So for the first way to use this I decided to put a glass candle votive directly in the center and layer the rocks all around it.

The candle votive was one I already owned.

For the second way I used this, I simply swapped out the candle for a small decorative planter.  This is also something I had at home, and just re-purposed in a fun new way.

This would also look really cute with a bird and nest inside, or a small garden statue... maybe a little Buddha would be cute!

Anyway, it's a quick and simple project that cost almost nothing!  Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Very cute! I love little projects like this. It makes me feel like I had an extra productive day when I take the time to create something pretty for my house. have a great weekend!

  2. Great ideas! That is such a cute little find.

  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. This is a really great project.

  4. Super Cute project!!! Love it with the green peeking thru!

  5. Your lantern is so lovely, and it makes me feel wistful. Cuz I desparately need an egg basket, and to think that you've found one for 50 cents!

  6. I'm officially on the hunt for wire baskets now!
    That is so clever and it's a great addition to your porch perk up. I'm working on a fix up for my courtyard and your basket project will work nicely, thanks for sharing your idea.

  7. Love it! Guess a lot of us will be looking for wire baskets now. :-)


  8. Love when you find a multipurpose item!

    Would love for you to share at Calling All Crafters!

  9. Love the shape of your basket! And your ideas are fab :D

  10. So clever! I am going to see if I can find something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm visiting from Debbiedoos!

    50 cents? I'm so jealous! It looks amazing, thanks for sharing!