Saturday, April 23, 2011

Backyard Makeover ~ Part 1

Now that I have my husband home full time, we can finally get some Honey-Do's checked off the list.  A major project we've been wanting to work on is our back yard.  We've lived in our home for almost 8 years now and haven't done much to renovate that part of the property.  It's enough to just keep it maintained!  So hopefully this year we will be able to get some of it done.

In a recent post I showed you a small part of the yard with all of the garden beds.  What I didn't show you was the FUGLY part. 

This is the very center of the back yard which has never been finished off.  My husband used it as an archery shooting range.  That's gotta go!  Off to the right is the chicken coop.  Although I do love the chickens (and so does Carter), that's gotta go! 

A new subdivision was built in back of us shortly after we moved in and they put up this lovely faux rock fencing.... we originally had a chain link fence up and now it just looks dumb having both up.  So we took that down and got rid of it.  Check! 

In back of the archery target is this gorgeous dirt hill... that's gotta go!  I have no idea why it's been this way for so long!

In back of the dirt hill is this AWESOME fire pit!

Before we can get rid of the dirt hill we needed to work on a place to put it.  There's this large garden bed in the very back that was never totally finished off.   

So we took a bunch of rocks from in front of the chicken coop...................

And now we're making this little rock wall out of them.............

And a cute little pathway..............

Once this is done then we can start hauling dirt from the dirt hill to fill in some of the beds.... then we'll start designing the center area.  I'm thinking a little playground for Carter would be ideal.... and then maybe a new and improved fire pit!  I know the two don't go hand in hand... but we'll figure something out.  Hahaha!

Anyway, that's one of the big projects we've been working on.  It's a ton of work doing it all ourselves.  But a little each day is adding up.  More on this to come! 

And I'm also working on my front porch which is almost done and I'll be showing that off in a couple days. 

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. First of all I loved that you used the word Fugly! You are my type of girly! hee hee

    At least you are smart enough to do a little at a time. I always jump in with both feet. Then, end up achy, tired and unmotivated to finish because I am so worn out.

    It will be so beautiful when you are finished! Yea!

  2. Our backyard is a different kind of ugly, but I'm feeling inspired just seeing this post! I'll be back to see what else you do! Happy landscaping!

  3. Fugly! Too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am one of your newest followers!

  4. Yep, DH had to take care of some Honey-Do projects while he was off work too. I can't wait to see how your yard AND your front porch turns out! We had a whole lotta FUGLY goin on at our house & we have also been here for 8 years. I would just like to get some painting done inside at this point. I don't think dirty white is really considered a color. ;-)