Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thrifting Makes Me Happy :)

I was finally able to go thrifting the other day with my mom.  I have been extremely disciplined in not spending any money right now and utilizing the things I've already bought and stashed away.  And it has been so hard to stay away from the thrift stores!  But since I start my new job on Monday we absolutely had to squeeze in one more day out. 

I started off by finding this wood giraffe.  He was $5 but so cute, and I couldn't leave him there.

He matches my living room decor so I think he'll look pretty cute nestled up on top of the armoire... where evil toddler hands can't reach and destroy him!

Then I found this totally cool candle lamp.  I think that's what they're called.  You can't tell by the picture, but this thing is BIG and HEAVY!... and was only $15.  I still need to find a home for it and then I can decide how to paint it.

I love these little spice tins that I scored for a couple bucks.... I'm working them into the ensemble for my new kitchen hutch. 

Also going in the hutch is this cute rooster picture and plate stand.

And my most recent find is this awesome old fire pit.  I picked this up at a yard sale for $2.  Yep that's right only $2 for all of it!  My husband took dibs on this project.  So that's cool with me.  One less that I'll need to worry about! LOL!

So many reasons why thrifting makes me happy!  It's addicting too.  But I think I'll be good for a while..... at least until I start getting a few paychecks!

I'm wrapping up some other projects I've been working and will have lots to share in the next couple weeks.  Have a great weekend and Happy Thrifting!


  1. I love to thrift too. Love those spice tins, great colors too!

  2. I love those spice tins! They are really cool! :)