Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture Valance

I've had these cute little vineyard plaques FOREVER... and I just can't seem to get rid of them.  Even though I'm not a wine connoisseur, I just think they're so cute and whimsical with just a touch of rustic charm.  Plus I'm sure I got them for way cheap.

We recently remodeled our kitchen (which you'll be seeing soon!) and I knew the perfect place for these to go.  They're pretty small so I decided to use them as valance above my kitchen window.  There's not much space there to put a rod and window treatment.  So this was the perfect solution.

Trying to line all four of these up in a straight line can be a little tricky.  So I used my handy dandy template procedure and it worked pretty well. 

I first started by taking the measurement of the space where they were to be hung.  Then laid them out on the ground and got my spacing. 

Then I just used a long sheet of paper and taped it across the entire top length of the pictures.  Mark where the keyholes go by puncturing the center of each one, then carefully remove the tape and hang the template on the wall ensuring you have a straight and level line.

Then simply mark the wall where each hole is on the template and you have you a nearly perfect layout of where to drill for your screws.  Tip: if one of your pictures hangs lower than another, use a bit of toilet paper and shove it in the hole of the picture to adjust.  I hate re-drilling or hammering more holes in my wall!... especially ones I've freshly painted. :)

I think this really brings the eye up and creates a larger height of the window itself.... rather than using a valance which would have an opposite effect.

I will be posting more pics of my AMAZING kitchen remodel soon.... just as soon as we finish a bit of final touches and decorating.  Come back and see!

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  1. That looks great Jennifer...I like those plaques. Thanks for popping over.

  2. Love it! Love all things grape (purple) or fruit flavored of any kind (fruit stuff)

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